Communication of Doctors Trénel and Jacques E. Lacan to the Neurological Society of Paris probably on 2nd February 1928.
Printed in the Revue Neurologique de Paris, vol. 1, no. 2, 1928.

It has been recently republished in Jacques Lacan, Premiers écrits, Seuil, January 2023, pp. 13-22. See Premiers écrits : 23rd January 2023 : Jacques Lacan at this site /4 Jacques Lacan (20230123)

Translated into English by William Heidbreder and edited by Richard G. Klein, published bilingual at /Lacan (2. Abasie chez une traumatisée de guerre, 1928)

The French text is from Pas-tout Lacan Pas-Tout Lacan 1920-1929 (1928-11-02 ABASIE CHEZ UNE TRAUMATISEE DE GUERRE)