Le Séminaire XXVII (1980) La Dissolution

1980‐03‐15 Speech given by Lacan at the P.L.M Saint Jacques Hotel, Paris.

Translator’s note: I have not been able to see Lacan’s original letter. The text below was published by Le Matin, but without indicating who had provided the introductory paragraph and the explanatory notes. The accuracy of note 4 can be disputed. S1, sometimes referred to as the Master Signifier, and in the later Lacan as objet a, is indeed that which is originally repressed. S2, however, is the collection of all other signifiers in the subject’s experience, i.e. knowledge, structured under the influence of the S1. ‐‐Anthony Chadwick

Introductory note – author unknown:

Published in Le Matin, 18 March 1980. Jacques Lacan had announced in a letter, dated 5 January, the dissolution of the Freudian School. Here is the speech of welcome that he gave at the opening of the meeting called by him, on Saturday 15 March at the PLM Saint‐Jacques Hotel*. Lacan goes back over the effects produced by the announcement of the dissolution of his school.

*The PLM Saint Jacques Hotel; 17 Boulevard Saint Jacques; Paris; 75014. In the 1970’s, it was a huge hotel built in a quiet part of the 14th district of Paris. It included a conference centre and a movie theatre showing first run movies. The entrance was on the boulevard underground and had a lovely black colour design. It closed around 1987.

Download bilingual, translated by Anthony Chadwick, at www.Freud2Lacan.com /Lacan (77. AUTRES ÉCRITS /Dissolution—March 15, 1980; Allocution prononcée par Lacan au P.L.M. Saint Jacques)