As a beginning teacher in the Department of Psychoanalysis at Vincennes University in 1974, I had the opportunity to ask Dr Lacan a question that I will summarize thusly: is the death wish to be situated with the desire to sleep or the desire to be awake? Dr Lacan, who was seated at his desk, remained silent, and I had already given up hope of hearing him on this question when, after half an hour, he gave me his answer in a quite deliberative fashion so that I could take the most complete notes possible. It’s the transcription of these notes that I am delivering here. Catherine Millot

Published in L’Âne, 1981, No 3, p.3

In translation by Anthony Chadwick, published bilingual at /Lacan (89. Reponse à une question de Catherine Millot improvisation: desir de mort, reve et reveil)

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