Published as Part III, The New Texts of Schreber : p216-280 of Psychosis and Sexual Identity: Toward a Post-Analytic View of the Schreber Case : Edited by David B. Allison, Prado de Oliveria, Mark S, Roberts and Allen S. Weiss, Published by State University of New York Press, Albany , 1988.

Published bilingual at /Main page (Schreber’s MEMOIRS OF MY NERVOUS ILLNESS with Lacan’s intro to the French translation. Part 4)

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Contents & Page Numbers

– A. Poem for the Silver Wedding Anniversary of His Sister Anna : 26th July 1889 : Dr Paul Schreber, Chief Administrator, District Court, Recited by his sister Paula p216
– B. Poem about Swans Which His Mother Gave as a Gift to His Nephew Fritz Jung p222
– C. Christening Speech for a Granddaughter of His Sister Anna : 1904 p224
– D. Poem for His Mother’s Ninetieth Birthday : Written for the 29th June 1905 p232
– E. Poem for the Fiftieth Birthday of His Wife : Dedicated to his dear little Sabine for the nineteenth of June 1907 from her Paul p266
– F. Declaration about Schreber Societies : 1st November 1907 (Dresden) : Dr jur. Paul Schreber, retired Senate President p272
– G. Texts Written in the Leipzig-Dösen Mental Hospital : 1907-1910 p274
11th December 1907 : D. Schreber retired Senate President
II Undated
III 11th December 1907
9th August 1909
9th August 1909
VI 13th November 1910
VII 13th November 1910
VII Undated

Notes by Hans Israëls and the translator Christine Granger p280-282

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