Theoretical report presented to the 11th Congrès des Psychanalystes de langue français, Brussels, mid-May 1948

– Translated by Alan Sheridan as ‘Aggressivity in Psychoanalysis’ : p8 to 29 of Écrits, a selection : 1977 : Tavistock Publications :

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– Or published bilingual, translated by Alan Sheridan, by /Lacan (99. Écrits: Aggressivity in Psychoanalysis)

– Translated by Bruce Fink as ‘Aggressiveness in Psychoanalysis’ in Écrits, the First Complete Edition in English : 2002 : W W Norton & Co : p82 to 101. Available at /Lacan

Published in French

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An historical reflection

From Le Congrès des Psychanalystes des pays romans: quelques éléments d’histoire : 1991 : Alain de Mijolla. See this site /5 Other Authors A-Z (de Mijolla) or /Other Authors A-Z (Mijolla)

– Rudolph Loewenstein was both Sacha Nacht’s and Jacques Lacan’s analyst. Nacht opposes Loewenstein in the 1938 session

– This eleventh conference, (Congrès des Psychanalystes) held in Brussels between May 14 and 17, 1948, was organized around Sacha Nacht’s paper “Les manifestations cliniques de l’agressivité et leur rôle dans le traitement psychanalytique” (Clinical manifestations of aggression and their role in psycho-analytic treatment; 1948) and Jacques Lacan’s paper “L’agressivité en psychanalyse” (Aggressivity in psychoanalysis; 1948). [Information in this post]

– This conference (1948) was distinguished most of all by the presence of Melanie Klein, who, however, failed to make converts among French psychoanalysts.

– on October 16, 1951, the conference changed its name to the Conference of Romance-Language Psychoanalysts, an extension attributed to Jacques Lacan.

– In 1953 a sixteenth special conference was held in Rome. The division of the Société psychanalytique de Paris (Paris Psychoanalytic Society) (SPP) in June divided the conference into two parts. In one, the members of the society listened to Emilio Servadio, Francis Pasche, René Spitz (who came from New York), Serge Lebovici, and René Diatkine. They then departed, and members of the new Société française de psychanalyse (French Society of Psychoanalysis) entered to listen to Jacques Lacan’s paper “Fonction et champ de la parole et du langage en psychanalyse” (The function and field of language in psychoanalysis). [Information The Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis (Rome) : 26th September 1953 : Jacques Lacan. See this site /4 Jacques Lacan (19530926) ]

– Jealously simmering in the Paris Psychoanalytic Society tore the two rival societies apart for more than a decade, and the following conferences of French-speaking psychoanalysts fit into the general strategy of the two societies’ struggle for influence.

Yet the conferences were also the scene of original theoretical elaborations marking the evolution and deepening of the psychoanalytic thinking of members of the Paris Psychoanalytic Society. This can be seen from a sample of papers presented at the conferences:

-Sacha Nacht and Serge Lebovici, “Indications et contre-indications de la psychanalyse chez l’adulte” (Indications and contraindications for psychoanalysis for adults; 1954); – Revue Française de la Psychanalyse, Vol XIX Nos 1-2, Janvier-Juin 1955, p137-288. Given on 11th November 1954.

& p1-40 of La Psychanalyse d’Aujourd’hui, ouvrage publiée sous la direction du S. Nacht, avec la collaboration de : M. Bouvet, R. Diatkine, A. Doumic, J. Favreau, M. Held, S. Lebovici, P. Luquet, J. Luquet-Parat, P. Male, J. Mallet, F. Pasche, M. Renard, Preface de E. Jones, Tome Premier (This contains the programme for the first day.)

& Indications & Counterindications for Psychoanalysis of Adults, Edited & translated by Ruth Emma Ronan, p1-18 of Psychoanalysis Today, Grune & Stratton 1959. This is heavily edited.

See this site /5 Other Authors A-Z (Nacht or Lebovici)

-René Diatkine and Jean Favreau, “Le caractère névrotique” (The neurotic character) Given on 12th November 1954, at St Anne’s Hospital in Paris Read at the XVIIe Conférence des Psychanalystes de Langues Romanes, on 11-12-13 November 1954, at the Centre Psychiatrique Sainte-Anne, Paris

Published, Revue française de psychanalyse n°1-2, tome 20 janvier-juin 1956, – XVIIIe congrès des psychanalystes de langues romanes – le congrès – psychanalyse et connaissance discussion par Michel Gressot – le caractère névrotique par René Diatkine et Jean-A.Favreau, Presses universitaires de France, 1956

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Presentation of theme ‘“All the world is mad” : 30th May 2023 : Jacques-Alain Miller. Quoted by Jacques-Alain Miller in the presentation of the theme, towards the XIV Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysts, 22-25 February 2024 (Zoom), 30th May 2023, “All the world is mad”, see

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