Last Sentence :
Our intention is neither to lead someone to make a name for themselves nor to make a work of art. It’s rather something that consists in inciting them to pass through into the good hole of what is offered to them as singular.

First published in the Lettres de l’École freudienne 24 (1978) : 22-24. Download in French
Published in French and English, translated by Adrian Price, from The Lacanian Review, issue 11, August 2021, p16-23 : See /Jacques Lacan (19750614)
Also published in French & English & includes Jacques Lacan’s opening statement translated by Richard Klein : See /Lacan (97. Sur le Plaisir et la Règle Fondamentale)


P3 of “The Path of the Singular, a Singular Path” by Florencia F.C. Shanahan, 18th March 2024, LCE Volume 7, Issue 3,, : I will focus on a very short text by Lacan [5], published in The Lacanian Review “The art of singularities,” and which I imagine many of you have already been working on. There are many things we could discuss about it, but I will try to emphasise those that put me to work for today. [Footnote 5 Lacan, J., “On Pleasure and the Fundamental Rule”, in The Lacanian Review, Issue 11, pp. 17-21.]