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Presented at the London Society of the New Lacanian School on Saturday 30th June 2012, in their symposium on ‘Autism’ as:

‘English and French contexts of autism in relation to Leo Kanner’s 1943 medical formulation of autism’ and was given by Julia Evans & Bruno de Florence

This text has emerged from within the New Lacanian School’s registered cartel, 2011 to 2013 ‘Jouissance & symbolic (dis)order’. The cartel is based on: Éric Laurent’s 2010 text: ‘The Symbolic Order in the XXI Century Consequences for the Treatment’[i] [‘The Symbolic Order in the XXI Century: Consequences for the Treatment’ : July 2010 : Éric Laurent – See /5 Other Authors A-Z (Laurent) or /Laurent]

The text is published at and is available here:

Julia Evans’ text, English context of Autism in relation to medical and other political formulations : 30th June 2012 (London) : Julia Evans is available at / b) Autism (1 A Lacanian Clinic – C Cartel or group work )

Availability of Footnotes

[i] Web-links to Éric Laurent’s text are available on /Laurent or /5 Other Authors A-Z (Laurent)

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Eugene Bleuler : The prognosis of dementia praecox: the group of schizophrenias : 1908 is available from /5 Other Authors A-Z (Bleuler) or /Authors A-Z (Bleuler)

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Availability given at /1 A Lacanian Clinic (C Case Studies/Autism) or /Authors A-Z (Kanner)

43 A concept elaborated by Didier Anzieu. Cf. Didier Anzieu (1974), The skin-ego, Yale University Press, 1989. Anzieu’s mother was Aimée, the subject in Lacan’s 1932 PhD: De la psychose paranoïaque dans ses rapports avec la personnalité.

The Case of Aimée, or Self-punitive Paranoia : 7th July 1932 : Jacques Lacan. See /4 Jacques Lacan (19320707) or / 1 A Lacanian Clinic / A Case Studies /ii) From Freud & Lacan / j) Aimée

52 Cf. Éric Laurent’s paper with the same title, circulated in preparation of WAP’s 8th congress, held in Buenos-Aires 23-27 April 2012. ‘The Symbolic Order in the XXI Century: Consequences for the Treatment’ : July 2010 : Éric Laurent – See /5 Other Authors A-Z (Laurent) or /Laurent

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