Targeting people who need support for depression and anxiety will only make these growing problems worse : Opinion Disability – The Guardian : Wed 1 May 2024 13.00 BST

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Reasons for posting this text

It draws attention to the Government’s throwing away those with ‘mental health’ conditions, that is all of us, its subjects.

It is clear that the practitioner’s position is against the Government and aligns their position with the sufferers.

Extracts from the argument that is being made

-Those of us working in acute psychiatric wards and community services can attest to the severe impact their suggestion of stopping disability benefits would have, and the pain caused by the callous manner in which they have delegitimised mental anguish.

-Implied in this policy proposal is the idea that people with anxiety or depression are often claiming deceitfully.

-This government’s “moral mission” to reform welfare is an attempt to blame on individuals a problem that can only be explained systemically. The rising disability bill is not down to duplicitous claimants, but widespread and disastrous cuts that have left our mental health services emaciated and failing.

It needs to be read.