P384 The second version of this paper was published in a special issue of Les Études Philosophiques (1956) commemorating the hundred year anniversary of Freud’s birth. The first version only came out as an offprint.

P408 Appendix

The version that was originally published in 1956, starting from the paragraph designated in the footnote on page 485 [in Ecrits 1966], read as follows

Published in Écrits : 1966 : Jacques Lacan, p384-411 of Bruce Fink’s translation, W. W. Norton 2001, Further details at www.Lacanianworks.org, this site, /4 Jacques Lacan (19660101)

Available www.LacanianWorksExchange.net /lacan (January 1956)


If a Tree Were to Fall on an Island Where There Was No Psychoanalyst: On the Ethical Status of Sound : 25th May 2022 (LRO 346) : Yaron Gilat, p471 of French publication (1966), p394 of Bruce Fink’s translation of this text.