The second version of this paper was published in a special issue of Les Études Philosophiques (1956) commemorating the hundred year anniversary of Freud’s birth. The first version only came out as an offprint. : P384 of Bruce Fink’s translation and is included as an Appendix on p408.

Available www.LacanianWorksExchange.net /lacan (January 1956)

Published in Écrits : 1966 : Jacques Lacan, p384-411 of Bruce Fink’s translation, W. W. Norton 2001, Further details at www.Lacanianworks.org, this site, /4 Jacques Lacan (19660101)

In French : Situation de la psychanalyse et formation du psychanalyste en 1956’: Écrits (1966) p 459-486. See Pas-Tout Lacan.


-If a Tree Were to Fall on an Island Where There Was No Psychoanalyst: On the Ethical Status of Sound : 25th May 2022 (LRO 346) : Yaron Gilat, p471 of French publication (1966), p394 of Bruce Fink’s translation of this text. Available at https://www.thelacanianreviews.com/if-a-tree-were-to-fall-on-an-island-where-there-was-no-psychoanalyst-on-the-ethical-status-of-sound/ or see this site /5 Other authors A-Z (Gilat)

-Discourses that kill (LRO 106) : 1st December 2018 : Thomas Svolos (see this site /5 Other Authors A-Z or www.LacanianWorksExchange.net /Other Authors A-Z (Svolos) cites p401 of Bruce Fink’s translation.

-The Proposition of 9th October 1967 – Lacan’s Introduction. In the first paragraph of Proposition of 9th October 1967 on the psychoanalyst of the School : Jacques Lacan (See this site /4 Jacques Lacan (19671009), Jacques Lacan advises you : ‘Before reading it, I underline that it has to be heard against the background of a reading, to be done or re-done, of my article (p384-411 of my Écrits – translated by Cormac Gallagher)’.