From : The Allegories of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition by C. S. Lewis, Oxford University Press, 1936

Chapter 1 Courtly love & Chapter 2 Allegory, p1-44, available at /Other Authors A-Z (Lewis)

References to ‘Courtly Love’ by Jacques Lacan:

Seminar IV : 19th December 1956 : Para 39 : Quote : It is clear that all that we know about the practice of courtly love, and the entire sphere in which it was localised in the Middle Ages, involves this sort of very rigorous technical elaboration of seduction,

For availability & notes, see Seminar IV The Relation from Object (La relation d’objet) & Freudian Structures (1956-1957) : from 21st November 1956 : Jacques Lacan at this site /4 Jacques Lacan (19561121),

– Jacques Lacan comments on ‘courtly love’ later in Seminar VII : 10th February 1960 : Known as Chapter XI: Courtly love as anamorphosis :

See Dennis Porter’s translation at Seminar VII The Ethics of Psychoanalysis (1959-1960) : from 18th November 1959 : Jacques Lacan, this site /4 Jacques Lacan (19591118 or Index of Lacan’s texts)