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Richard G. Klein notes : Le Malentendu sometimes published as ‘Cross Purpose’, is also a play written in 1943 in occupied France by Albert Camus. It focuses on Camus’ idea of The Absurd. The plot: A man who has been living overseas for many years returns home to find his sister and widowed mother are making a living by taking in lodgers and murdering them. Since neither his sister nor his mother recognize him, he becomes a lodger himself without revealing his identity.

Originally published in French:

Dissolution! Le Malentendu

Ornicar Numero 22‐23 Printemp 1981, pp. 11‐14

English translation :

Translators 1) Joseph Sims & Bracha Lichtenberg‐Ettinger 2) Unknown 3) Anthony Chadwick

See /Lacan (77. AUTRES ÉCRITS – Dissolution—June 10, 1980; Le Malentendu)

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