Published Nervous Child 2 (1943): pp. 217-250

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Éric Laurent in Tel Aviv GIEP – NLS (Israël), via Zoom, on 8th July 2023, following the translation of his book …

La bataille de l’autisme

De la clinique à la politique

[The battle of autism – from the clinical to the political]

… into Hebrew, during a presentation, discussion and clinical cases, cited this paper. He noted that from Kanner’s clinic, mainly drawn from wealthy parents, he concluded that his patients shared a passion for solitude and sameness. This paper, though seminal in defining autism, draws from the clinical.

Bruno de Florence, in his paper given in London on 30th June 2012, places autism in the context where it developed. See ‘French context of Autism in relation to Leo Kanner’s 1943 medical formulation of Autism’ : 30th June 2012 (London) : Bruno de Florence in /1 A Lacanian Clinic (autism)