This is from typed‐up reports of this clinical presentations and the discussion. It was presumably presented at Sainte‐Anne Hospital in the 1970s. The names of the patient, other proper names, and places have been anonymized.

Published in French at Ornicar ? Lacan Redivivus, 2021, pp. 109‐125.

Available bilingual with translations by Amália Sarai Feld and Andrew Stein, from /Lacan (31.Présentation de Mlle Boyer)

Andrew Stein has remarked that “in the final comments, Lacan gives the best definition of a semblant I have ever read.” Here it is : p43, Dr. Lacan — She has not the slightest idea of the body she has to put in this dress. There is no one to inhabit the garment. She is a rag. She illustrates what I call the semblant. She is that. There is a garment and nobody to slip into it. She only has existing relationships with clothes.

There are further case presentations, mostly untranslated, at,238?lang=fr

Further cases at /1 A Lacanian Clinic (Case Studies)

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