Available in Bruce Fink’s translation at www.LacanianWorksExchange.net /Lacan (October 1966)

From Écrits, Jacques Lacan, The first complete edition in English : translated by Bruce Fink : W.W. Norton & Co : 2002 : p3-5

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Écrits : October 1966 : Jacques Lacan – See this site /4 Jacques Lacan (October 1966) or www.LacanianWorksExchange.net /Lacan (October 1966)


Jacques-Alain Miller cited this text at the closure of the Grandes Assises virtuelles internationales de l’AMP – La femme n’existe pas – on 3rd April 2022, at the Maison de la mutualité, Paris and on Zoom. Then recirculated by Jacques-Alain Miller in the presentation of the theme, towards the XIV Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysts, 22-25 February 2024 (Zoom), 30th May 2023, “All the world is mad”, see https://congresamp2024.world/tout-le-monde-est-fou/

Quote from Miller Il s’agit donc d’une mise en garde de Lacan à l’endroit de ses élèves. Sachez bien et faites savoir que rien de ce qui vous sera enseigné de la psychanalyse à l’Université ne vous permettra de faire, vous, l’économie d’une psychanalyse. Il vous faudra, comme l’indique l’ouverture des Écrits, y mettre du vôtre[7], payer de votre personne, et ce, en tant que tout autre chose qu’un élève, à savoir en tant qu’analysant.

Translated via internet : It’s a warning from Lacan to his students. Know well, and let it be known, that nothing taught about psychoanalysis at the University will enable you to avoid psychoanalysis. As the opening lines of the Écrits indicate, you’ll have to give your all [7], pay your own way, and do so as something other than a student, namely as an analysand.

[7]. Cf. Lacan J., « Ouverture de ce recueil », Écrits, op. cit., p. 10.

P5 of Bruce Fink’s translation, Écrits : In the place man marked for Buffoon, I call for the falling away [chute] of this object, which is revealing due to the fact that the fall isolates this object, both as the cause of desire in which the subject disappears and as sustaining the subject between truth and knowledge. With this itinerary, of which these writings are the milestones, and this style, which the audience to whom they were addressed required, I want to lead the reader to a consequence in which he must pay the price with elbow grease.


Quoted in The Truth of Man Is in the Language : 21st November 2018 : Katty Langelez-Stevens : Circulated on NLS Messenger : Available https://www.amp-nls.org/nls-messager/european-forum-katty-langelez-stevens-thetruth-of-man-is-in-the-language/ p3 of Bruce Fink’s translation : “The style is the man himself,” people repeat without seeing any harm in it, and without worrying about the fact that man is no longer so sure a reference point. Besides, the image of the cloth that adorned Buffon while he wrote is there to keep us inattentive.