– The Government’s New Mental Health Funding Will Be Spent on ‘Helping’ Depressed People Into Work – The Tories are scapegoating mental health claimants for their own lack of policy : 14 October 2022 : Jay Watts

https://novaramedia.com/2022/10/14/the-governments-new-mental-health-funding-will-be-spent-on-helping-depressed-people-into-work/ or here

– THERAPISTS AGAINST THE WORK CURE : 13 October 2022 : Statement from Partners for Counselling & Psychotherapy (PCP)

https://www.partnersforcounsellingandpsychotherapy.co.uk/therapists-against-the-work-cure/ or here

– £122 million employment boost for people receiving mental health support – GOV.UK

National roll out for vital NHS service to help 100,000 people managing mental health issues find, stay in or return to work and grow the economy : 10th October 2022



Related text : www.LacanianWorks.org / Work capability assessments for those with NICE/DSM defined mental illness : 27th October 2013 : Julia Evans

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