This is the argument for a presentation given by Jacques Lacan at the Fourth International Congress of Psychotherapy Congress, held in Barcelona, on 1st to 7th September 1958. This congress was dedicated to the topic of “Psychotherapy and Existential Analysis”. The publishers of the ‘Acts of the Congress’ censored this paper by refusing to publish it.

The causal logic
The subject of meaning
The pretence of orthopaedics
The condition of desire
The power of the truth

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Cet exposé fut soumis à la censure qui refusa de le publier dans les actes du congrès. C’est seulement en 1992 que le texte de cette conférence – écrit en Juin 1958 – sera publié pour la première fois par la revue Freudiana, à la fois dans sa version originale et sa traduction espagnole (Freudiana, publicacion de le Escuela europea de psicoanalisis del campo freudiano, Cataluna, Paidos, 1992, n° 4/5, pp. 11-21). La présente version est parue dans l’Âne, 1992, n° 51, pp. 24 à 27.
This presentation was censored by the publishers of the ‘Acts of the Congress’ who refused to publish it.] 5) Translated into English by Beatrice Khiara-Foxton & Adrian Price
Published Hurly Burly, Issue 11, May 2014, p15-26, Available at /Lacan
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References to Sigmund Freud

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-For inasmuch as the latter refers to a social criterion of psychical normality, it is even more contradicts the realm discovered by Freud in that in that it shows a radical anteriority by relationship [par rapport] to the social.
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-Whatever the terms in which this question is resolved, it is in the locus of the Other that the subject shall find himself : in the place of what used to be [Wo Es war…] and which he has to take on board […,soll ich werden].
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Reference to Lacan’s work

-There has been no shortage of people to reproach us for turning to Freud, and for missing the point, in reducing to the field of speech and language [the theme of the report which in Rome, in 1953, marked the birth of our group] a movement of Being that sustains and exceeds it from all sides.
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Other references

-the two modes whereby the most recent construction in linguistic theory (Roman Jakobson and consort) subsumes the particular action of the signifier into a specific structure (which is impossible to separate even from the physiological functioning of the systems that in the living being, are put at the service of language),
Jakobson, R. and Halle, M., Fundamentals of Language, Mouton, The Hague, 1956
-It is suggestive that this reading was anticipated by Freud in his analysis of the unconscious, and that they reveal the same formulas as Ferdinand de Saussure ; one can notice it as early as the Traumdeutung and its analysis of language.
-The fruit of this now has to be savoured in the theory of the “validation” of theories by councils, …. Cf. Kris, E., “The Nature of Psychoanalytic Propositions and their Validation”


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